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To make a firm booking, a deposit of 50% is required with the completed reservation form.  The balance of the rental and a £100 Security Deposit is due 4 weeks prior to the commencement of the holiday.  If the balance is not paid by the due date as advised, the booking will be deemed to have been cancelled by the 'customer'.  Please see 4  Cancellations

The party shall be exactly as stated unless permission for alteration has been given by the proprietors in writing.

The accommodation shall only be used by the persons listed on the Reservation Form (please contact us for a form), or as agreed by the proprietors, provided the capacity of the accommodation is not exceeded.

Minimum stay  - 3 nights.

We do not allow smoking or the use of e-cigarettes in the apartment.  We do not allow pets in the apartment

2     Security Deposit

A £100 Security Deposit is required to cover losses, breakages, damages and any extra cleaning over and above what is considered normal.  This includes any extra hours our cleaning staff may need to work to bring the accommodation up to our standard of cleanliness, any waiting time for them should the flat not be vacated by 10.00am and any delay caused to the incoming visitors.  A minimum charge of £30 will be deducted.

An inventory can be found in the kitchen drawer.  This should be checked on arrival and any items missing or damaged reported immediately.  Please also report any damage to the property, fixtures and fittings.  Any losses or damages found on departure and not notified will be deemed to have been caused by the departing 'tenant' and charged appropriately.

A deduction will be made for any losses, breakages or damage to the property or contents, or if the apartment is not left in an acceptable clean and tidy condition.  A charge of £10 per item will be charged for any missing, damaged or heavily soiled towels.

A deduction will be made for the cost of a replacement key and/or new set of keys in the event that any key is lost or accidentally taken home.  The 'tenant' will be charged the full cost of a Locksmith should a situation arise where one is required.

If an item is mistakenly taken home, it can be returned.  Once received by The Haven,  the Security Deposit will be returned.  Alternatively, a deduction can be made from the Security Deposit to cover a replacement item.

We aim to refund all or part of the Security Deposit within 10 days.

3      Use of the Accommodation

The accommodation sleeps 6.  We can accommodate a maximum of 4 adults in two double rooms.  The bunk bed room is suitable for children only. 

Only the persons named on the Reservation Form will be permitted to occupy the apartment.  No more than the maximum number of persons stated on the website may occupy the apartment.  Permission must be obtained if alterations or additions to the make up of the party are required.

We reserve the right to revoke or refuse prior to, or during the stay, any booking from parties which we consider to be unsuitable for the apartment.

The person making the reservation must be 18 years old at the time of booking.

To allow time for handovers, repairs etc, the accommodation must be vacated by 10.00am on the day of departure and will not be available until 4pm on the day of arrival.

During the period of 'tenancy', the 'customer' is responsible for the care of the property and its contents.  It is expected that 'customers' treat the property with the respect that they treat their own and to keep the premises, furniture, fixtures, utensils etc in a clean and tidy condition and so leave on the expiration of the booking.  It is a condition that all furniture and effects will be left in as good a state and condition as they were at the commencement of the period of the booking.  All articles of furniture, fixtures and effects as shall be lost, broken, damaged or destroyed during the booking shall be made good or replacements paid for by the 'customer'.  No furniture, furnishings, towels or equipment may be taken outside the accommodation.  Towels provided are for use in the apartment only.

Please let us know when you arrive if anything is missing or is broken.  Please also let us know if anything is broken during your stay so that we can replace it before our next guests arrive.  Please contact Adrian on 07834 879236 or 01548 856799 or by email at   Any losses, breakages or damages found on departure will be charged for and deducted from the Security Deposit.

If anything is accidentally spilled on the sofas, please dab if off quickly with an absorbent cloth.  Do not rub and do not use soap or detergent.  Please let us know immediately so that we can use specialist cleaners and make a claim if necessary.

4     Loss, illness, damage, injury etc

The 'customer' agrees on behalf of him/herself and his/her party not to hold the proprietors responsible for any loss, illness, damage or injury arising from any cause whatsoever during the period of this agreement.  Cars will, likewise be parked at his/her own risk.

5     Cancellations

When the holiday is booked, you are entering into a legally binding contract.  If forced to cancel, for whatever reason, it is respectfully pointed out that in Law we have the right to claim to be reimbursed for any loss involved by the cancellation of the reservation providing it has it been possible to re-let it.  Refunds will only be made where we have been able to re-let your booked week(s).  However, to avoid hardship in cases where we may not have been able to re-let the accommodation, we recommend you take out holiday insurance.

In the event of the accommodation , for whatever reason not being available, liability will be limited to a sum not exceeding the amount of rental paid including Security Deposit.

6     The Haven Privacy Policy (GDPR)

The personal information we keep is used solely for communication purposes and is never shared with third parties.  Personal information is kept for a maximum of 12 months and then securely disposed of.  We need to process the personal information of our clients in order to make bookings for our holiday accommodation and to make refunds of deposits.  Personal information is kept in the form of a hard copy in a locked cabinet.  Email addresses are kept on a laptop belonging to and accessed only by A Masters.  If permission is received from the Client, email addresses are kept on a laptop for marketing purposes for The Haven only.  Clients can request that their email address is deleted at any time.

Data is periodically reviewed and deleted if no longer required.

The appointed Data Protection Officer (DPO) is Adrian Masters.

Data breaches involving personal data will be reported to the DPO and to the people (data subjects) involved.

Data that we no longer have any use for is deleted.  Clients can request that personal information is not kept and will, therefore, be deleted once the period of booking is completed.

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